Dark “Rainbow” Gloves Pattern


one of my nephews asked for rainbow gloves when he saw my fingerless driving gloves. I made those and sent him a photo so he then asked for “dark rainbow” gloves with “black and dark brown and dark red and dark white” (he’s almost 5 so I assumed maybe he calls all stripes rainbows). Since the original rainbow gloves were horizontal stripes I made these vertical, crocheting from side-to-side and joining up the side leaving a thumb hole.



The pattern below will give you child size gloves as follows –

  • 5.5″ wrist
  • 8″ around hand
  • 6″ long (2.5″ cuff)

but it is easy to adapt to any size.

The wrist ribbing is made from rows of sc in the back loops. You can make this as long as you want. The hand part is made from rows of regular hdc. Once you have the length you want you keep making rows until as wide as you want and then follow the pattern for the closing tab and button hole.

I did 2 buttonholes for adjustability.


  • 40 g of size 4 yarn total in a small many colours as you want – I used black, brown and maroon in various brands. (Much less ends if you get a variegated yarn!)
  • Size I hook

Foundation sc and hdc: 

I start this glove with a chainless foundation sc, switching to foundation hdc. This allowed me to easily adjust the length I wanted for the wrist ribbing and hand. I don’t explain those here but there are many video and written tutorials. Alternatively, you can start as usual with a chain for the number of sc and hdc stitches you need, adding one turning chain.

Turning chain:

Every row ends with 1 ch, this is just the turning ch and does not replace or count as a stitch.

Colour changing:

change colours every 2 rows in the last stitch of the row. Just before last pull through of the sc, drop current colour and yarn over with new colour. Don’t cut the old colours, carry them along the edge of your work. When you make the turning ch at the end of the row, make it over the other strands of yarn to keep them on the side. You will be crocheting sc over this edge to hide the ends after but this method saves on weaving in.

Make 2 pieces. The fabric you are making will look the SA,e in both sides, so make two identical striping pieces. The right sides of the pieces where you crochet the bottoms edging and sew the button, will be opposite each other.

Right sides facing. Top glove- tab and buttonhole on the left of piece. Bottom glove- tab and buttonhole on the right.


Row 1: using a foundation sc start, make 9 sc then  8 hdc (or ch 18, and crochet sc into second ch from hook and 8 other ch, then 8 hdc).

(vary the stitch count in Row 1 to make a larger or smaller glove, just measure it along the recipient’s hand or according to desired measurements)

Row 2: ch 1, hdc into each hdc, sc into backloop of each sc (change colour at end of row), ch 1 turn.

Row 3: sc into backloop of each sc, hdc into each hdc, ch1 turn.

Row 4: hdc into each hdc, sc into the backloop of each sc (change colour) ch1, turn.

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 (ending on a row 4) until the top of your glove (hdc section)  is just wide enough to fit around the widest part of your hand (don’t make it too big!). I made 18 rows total.

continue with tab

Working in backloops only,

Row 19: sc into each sc, ch 1 turn. (9 sts)

Row 20: skip 1 sc, sc into next 8 sc, change colour, ch 1, turn.(8 sts)

Row 21: sc into next 3 sc, ch 3, skip 3 sc, sc into next 2 sc, ch1 turn. (8 sts)

Row 22: skip 1 sc, sc into next sc, sc into next 3 ch, sc into next 3 sc, change colour, ch1, turn. (7 sts)

Row 24: sc into each sc, ch 1, turn. (7 sts)

Row 25: skip 1 sc, sc into next 6 sc (6 sts)

You can end the tab here, OR continue changing colours and repeating rows of sc (no more decreases) with another buttonhole.

To make edging:

For the first glove, continue after end of row, do not cut yarn, ch 1, do not turn, this will be the Right Side for this glove. Sc into bottom corner and sc along bottom edge of glove, working into the sides of the rows. Do not work 1 sc into each row, work 2 sc, skip 1 row, repeat, otherwise the edge will ruffle. Sc into corner, and ss into the other side of the 9 sc in your starting row. Fasten off, leaving a long tail to stitch the sides.

img_0456for the second glove, fasten off after Row 25. Join yarn with ss as shown in the photo, in the last sc of Row 1. This will be the right side of this glove facing you. Ss into each sc, sc into corner, sc along bottom edge into the sides of the row as with previous glove, sc into corner, fasten off.


For each glove, Fold glove with wrong side on the inside. Join yarn just above tab, sew sides together, leaving a wide enough space to a thumb.

Sew on button.

Weave in ends.