I am a Trini who crochets. I live in the tropics and the most commonly crocheted items are doilies, bedspreads etc…things made out of thread for home decor since we don’t really need sweaters down here. And of course Rasta tams! And Muslim prayer skull caps. However, I like trying to crochet anything and have done tones of bags, some ornaments and even some sweaters and warms hats. I like making up my own designs but get bored of making the same thing over and over so always vary even patterns.9643e588-2dfb-4dda-b833-be6003793364

I used to have a site back in the days of Geocities where I posted pictures of things I made and occasional patterns. I intend to repost those and new things!

I can also be found at Ravelry where you can see some of my ongoing and completed projects while I populate this blog with more posts!


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